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SHIVA Project

SHIVAis focused on a Hybrid Visualization System for Virtual and Augmented Reality with high resolution and compactness. The objective of the Project is to design and manufacture a first prototype of a hybrid visualization system for Virtual and Augmented Reality. It will have large field of view, high resolution, outstanding compactness and excellent ergonomics.

At this moment, VR and AR systems are experiencing an impressive growth, due to technical improvements and cost reductions of processors, movement sensors and high resolution displays. Several commercial products are reaching the mass consumer market.

In a near future, it would be ideal the convergence of VR and AR systems, towards a hybrid VR and AR system, able to work in both modes. Consequently, the isolation from the environment caused by VR could be avoided by switching to the AR mode. And the large field of view provided by VR systems could improve significantly the possibility to show enhanced information in AR.


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