Due to its recent creation, history of limbak 4π corresponds to the previous trajectory of two of its founders: Pablo Benitez and Juan C. Miñano. Their experience is not limited to research, internationally recognized, but it extends to the transfer of advanced technology to industry.


Juan Carlos Miñano Pablo Benítez

It is noteworthy:

  • International recognition of Juan C. Miñano and Pablo Benítez with numerous international conferences and invited articles listed in their CVs.
  • The prestigious Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize that Juan C. Miñano received in 2014 together with the AW Conrady Award of the International Society for Optical Engineering Juan C. Miñano received in 2010, recognize significant research accomplishments in the field of optical engineering.


Description: premio
  • The business further training (Juan C. Miñano has a degree in Business Administration from CEPADE).
  • More than 60 patents of which they are co – inventors, over 20 of them in operation.
  • The success of technology transfer, such as the development of a component that broke the spatial coherence of a laser high speed done for the Japanese company JVC in 2002-2004.

One group of patents was derived from there (US6867929 (B2), JP2002341246, ES2206024), which was integrated as an essential part in the team Luciole optical communications laser for HD TV transmission safe for human eye (http://www3.jvckenwood.com/press/2004/lw-hdw1.html).

That development was included in the list of the 10 greatest achievements of JVC Company of fiscal 2005:

  • Close relationship with the U.S. company LPI,LLC since 1999 led that LPI chose Madrid to open its European office design in 2003 (LPI-Europe, http://www.lpi-llc.com/), which since then hired five doctors whose thesis were directed by Pablo Benítez and Juan C. Miñano. Due to this collaboration, the development of multiple patents was carried out, highlighting the development of technology that has culminated in the automotive sector in the fog light LED “Jewel Eye” Honda intersection, and its recent introduction on the market in the latest model Acura RLX (http://m.acura.com/content/high/videos/features/2014-rlx-video-jewel-eye-headlight.mp4).

Their collaboration with many companies (QED, Synopsis, Philips, Osram, Evonik, etc.) and research centers (Fraunhofer, University of Rochester, UC Merced, etc.) has conducted them to have a network of useful contacts.